Welcome to Sun Light LED

Sun Light LEd as one of professional LED lighting products manufacturers owns advanced production facilities and strong product development abilities, always pursuits high product quality and best service level, constant improvement and innovation.

Our Partners include Philips, Samsung, Osram, CREE, Sharp, Epistar, Bridgelux LED producers.
All of our product are UL/CE/ROHS/CSA Certified

About Our Company

  • 1 Sun Light LED possesses strong innovative capabilities in LED technology development
    All products are stricly tested inside our own accredited testing Laboratories

  • 2 Sun Light LED is one of the most advanced lighting application solution and innovative tech
    providers in the LED lighting Industry

  • 3 Sun Light LED is total solution provider with diversified models in the fields of LED
    Outdoor, Indoor, Architectural, Landscape, Pool and Garden, Emergency and Special Lighting

  • 4 Sun Light LED is: Superior Quality, High Efficiency, Best and Professional Service Team
    perfect After-Sales Service, 3 to 5 Years Warranty and more ...